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Post by ElazarHochStudios on Sun May 31, 2009 10:05 am

Elazar Hoch Studios is looking for one special candidate to fill the position of Associate Intern.

An EHS Associate Intern has natural, effortless tact and poise, and personifies Elegant-Provocative. You are aligned both in spirit and nature. Your creative acumen, honed through education and experience, takes you beyond the facade. Radiating positivity, you brighten every environment you enter, and engage, through your unique gravitational pull.

Your tasks will include PR, off and on premises networking, and account development. You will be expected to exert as much energy and quality into our business relationships as you would a fond friendship. Our motto is "We do all the legwork." A passion for social interaction and a drive to offer only the best service is a must.

Who are we?

Elazar Hoch Studios is a Collaborative Services business catering to the fields of Art, Fashion, and Design. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration within our clientele network, and provide a cohesive database of professional services. We generate clientele through a constant proactive approach. We operate everywhere, from industry events to private soirees. Our office is New York City, our range is international.

Hours: Flexible.
Compensation: $10/Hr + Perks, with promotion review after 3 months, or based on exeptional performance, whichever comes first.

To apply: Email cover letter and resume to Att: HR.
Include an artistic expression of why you want the job, and why you should get it. This could be a poem, a sketch, a photo etc.

Elazar Hoch, Collaborator
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