Getting & Keeping in shape.

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Getting & Keeping in shape.

Post by Adrenalhigh on Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:12 pm

I'm here to introduce anyone and everyone to a new and inexpensive way to train and get trained.

My concept is called Athletics A La Carte.

Athletics A La Carte is a training day where you pick whatever activity you desire and tell me what & even where and I'll design a training session or active event around your preferences. This is a first come first serve concept. If the requestor requests a full day rock climbing activity than that will be the organized event if you request specialized training for a specific time frame than whatever time slots are not used will be available for other requestors.
You can pick from any of the following training topics.

You can see the groups I organize at:

Athletics A La Carte ( Pick your own training activity, time & place
Martial Arts Training / Kickboxing (
Fencing Training Practice (

Combat Related
Mixed Martial Arts
Muay Thai Kickboxing
Philippine Stick Fighting
Traditional Kung Fu
Japanese & Chinese Pole & Spear Fighting
Japanese Sword Fighting
Sai Fighting ? Actual application
Pole or spear against Bladed weapons or sticks
Sai Against pole, sticks and bladed weapons.
Weapon of Choice-You pick any weapon and I'll choose my favorite counter weapon and we'll train them to perfection.

Recreational & Conditioning
Medicine Ball Training
Quad Band Training
Rock Climbing Indoor or Outdoor-I'm a lead climber and can teach you the ropes
Running for speed, distance, marathons & triathletes.
Salsa Dancing for individuals or couples up to intermediate level
Tennis boot camp - up to three hours of intense tennis training drills.
Two Person Stretching
Swimming for conditioning or competition.
Hiking Trips
Backpacking trips
Mountain Biking Trips
Beach athletic anything goes day.
Park athletic anything goes day.

Doing fun, healthy things shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. The following is a way that you can get training without giving up a limb.

I'm an experienced Athlete with over 20 years in many different martial arts and athletic training activities.

I myself take only private lessons in various activites than train with others as regularly as possible sharing the knowledge I learn in my private classes. I do this since most schools don't train hard and most people who go to schools only train when in class. Basically I'm creating groups of people who want to workout long and hard so I have unlimited training partners.

If your experienced in whatever style we study you won't have to pay me anything to train only any fees that are required by where we train.

For Example.
For those who need to be trained once you're able to help train the begginners you won't have to pay to be trained either.

Indoor Training

Any style at
If you're an experienced in whatever we train in than the cost will only be $10 per hour to train at the, (This is the cost to rent the time at this location). You'll be expected to share your knowledge to me and those who are begginners.
If you need to learn than you'll pay only $15 that's only $5 and $10 per hour for the space rental fee. Try to find this rate anywhere.

Hand to hand combat or full body Conditioning - Church Street Boxing.
$20 for ALL DAY trainining and $5 to me per class no matter how long we train.
Outdoor Training

If you're experienced in whatever we train in than the cost will only be $0 / Zero well just get together to train hard.

If you need to learn than you'll pay only $5 that's only $5 per class no matter how long we train.
If your interested make certain you include your phone # and email address in your interest request and or

call me / email me at:

We must speak before you attend the first day so I can tell you what to bring and what to expect on day 1.


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