Da Vinci Needs Your HELP To Raise Funds For The New D.V.B.L Site

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Da Vinci Needs Your HELP To Raise Funds For The New D.V.B.L Site

Post by Da Vinci on Sat May 09, 2009 4:57 am

D.V.B.L Magazine (online magazine) is working hard to always bring you the best of the best. I'm currently trying to put together my new website and implement some new changes but in order to make it the best site possible I need to raise some funds. So I'm hoping you all can help me do this. I do understand the economy is in a rough place but I really am hoping that you can help in anyway you can. My goal is to raise $5500 and if I can get 550 friends and supporters to pledge $10 each this goal can be met. I appreciate any help and support I can get.

As of now D.V.B.L Magazine is run by one woman, I really would like to get to a point where I can get more help and grow so that I can offer my readers more information. I currently have D.V.B.L Women's Causes and have been able to raise money for different women's causes but in order to make more change and be able to do more the site needs to grow. I have used my own money to fund many of the projects on the site and now I'm at a point that I cannot do that anymore. Now I definitely need the help Smile

What Is The Money Needed For?

1.) To Take D.V.B.L Magazine To The Next Level, with a new community website that will include, networking, chatting, groups, blogs, business directories as well as the magazine, tv, and radio.

2.) Once D.V.B.L Magazine is up and running effectively I would like to properly set up D.V.B.L Women's Causes as a Non Profit Organization.

3.) I would like to get some help on the site maybe 1 or 2 writers just to get things off the ground. D.V.B.L is the One Stop Shop For Women Of Today and I do intend of keeping it to the highest of quality and just getting better with time.

Thank you all,

Da Vinci

Da Vinci

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