OFFERING RECS pres Marie Joly-Lovin U

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OFFERING RECS pres Marie Joly-Lovin U

Post by Robbi on Wed May 06, 2009 5:33 pm

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Offering Recordings Presents Marie Joly also known as Elektrochick is a French female Producer / DJ from Paris with her ethnic roots coming from the continents of Africa and Europe.

Marie’s musical love and journey started from a very young age: began studying musical theories, piano and ballet at the “Conservatoire de Musique de Dijon” during primary school years.

Marie’s outstanding creativity was quite apparent at young age; improvising and composing tunes instead of practicing pieces give for exams. Story of her playing her own interpretation of Chopin and Belabartok at the age of 10 is already a history. Marie also studied Jazz piano and choir.

Her journey drastically changed towards the end of her teenage years, moving to Scotland and discovering and getting involved in the electronic music production and recording sessions in the studio. It was so inspiring that Marie started building her own studio with turntables and gears, mixing samples with vinyls.

Marie has also contributed her talent in production for a documentary on Lenox Castle (Hospital/Maternity/Mental Hospital) aired by NHS Scotland in 2003, and for educational programs for Edinburgh Art College where she was scouted by the program designers learning about her talent through her production work in 2005. Marie has also been working for Edinburgh University of Music with Mike Dred (Kosmik Kommando - Replex) and been mastering sound design and quality environment.

“Music and dance have been two major roles in my life. I want to experiment and produce music that naturally make people get on the rhythm and dance. My personal goal will always be to compose harmonic and quality music”, Marie says.

Marie has worked with people like Stephen Brown (Transmat, Djaxx), and they worked on two tracks together in 2004. Marie says that was a great learning experience for her.

After being encouraged by James Locke (the Chimes) lab Aqua Bassino (F Com), Marie has extended her music career as a vocalist, and her beautiful and sensual energy flow naturally on her first vocal piece called “Check Ur Feelins”

Marie has been busy in the studio working on mixes, and has worked with Mr K Alexis from Chicago.

Her musical inspirations come from producers and DJ’s like King Britt, Josh from Blaze, Karizma, Osunlade, Piranha Head, Jennifer Xerri, Diamond Dancer, Dj Minx (WOW-Detroit), Divinity, Maurice Joshua, Roy Davies Junior, FLX, Julius the Mad Thinker, Boo Williams, Calvin Morgan from the Sweat Parties, Sean Alvarez from Swank Society Radio (Chicago) whom many of them she had a joy of meeting during Miami Winter Music Conference in 2007.

After returning from WMC, much of her mixes and production work were played around through many radio stations like Swank Society Radio (Chicago) and Ice House Radio (Detroit).

As far as collaboration work is concerned, Marie has worked with Brian Jackson (&Scott Heron) and Handcrafted Sol (Coco Soul Records-NYC); One of her tracks was remixed at Sublime Studio (London-UK) by Chx, an artist and the sound engineer for Grace Jones; the track is expected to be a part of a compilation coming out this year (2009) in South Africa.

Marie was also a part of a remix challenge called “I feel bass” by Rucksack Records (Sweden) that honoured Pablo Moroder’s song “I feel love” 10. Only vocal work composed in this project by Marie as Electrochick is also heard and available on iTunes, Juno Records.

Marie continues to expand her horizon in her journey, and soon she will be coming to your city sharing her cosmic and sensual energy as a DJ and live performance. Stay tuned!


Composed, Arranged; Programmed and Sunged by Marie Joly

Designed by: Djoukaze

For Licensing or Booking Requests:

Executive Producer: Boddhi Satva

Web: Lovin U
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