Timmy Regisford returns! Grand Opening of Area (Code)! Afterhours!

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Timmy Regisford returns! Grand Opening of Area (Code)! Afterhours!

Post by cgmusic on Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:56 pm

Timmy Regisford is simply put, one of the great legends of dance music. The inception of his internationally acclaimed Club Shelter parties in NYC eighteen years ago helped pioneer the soulful house music sound that has shaped the face of house music all around the world.

On Saturday April 18th, (really Sunday morning at 4am) Timmy Regisford returns! This time at the 150 Varick Street location, now called GREENHOUSE, the party named (Area) Code. ..the first eco friendly night club built from recycled materials with a jaw dropping design..where science and music finally mesh! DJs Alex from Tokyo and Neil Aline will do the honors in the downstairs lounge

For Area Code afterhours, Greenhouse will be transformed into a dance driven underground format which has been sorely missed in New York City!

So, if you’ve been craving an addictive after hours party with an eclectic crowd, stunning space and electrifying music that will leave you wanting more, Timmy Regisford and Area Code will sure to please!


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