Don't lick, just look. Wear chocolate for breast cancer/ Sid Chidiac TV

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Don't lick, just look. Wear chocolate for breast cancer/ Sid Chidiac TV

Post by vgonzales on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:54 pm

Chocolate painted topless women unite in Union Square for Breast Cancer

Sid Chidiac is at it again; painting the town chocolate, this time one women at a time.

Sid Chidac Charity TV soon to launch early 2010 comes in with a BANG, with his first event being held in Union Square on June 6, 2009. This time his canvas is topless women. His cause: Susan G. Komen, his motive: to create visually appealing events that tantalize every one your senses, and his desire: to unite recognition within the community while supporting a synergized charity of choice.

Step into a wonderland of imagination, flaunted in chocolate decadence, surrounded in pure forgetfulness, and measured only by one’s true
creativity. Sid Chidiac’s art inspired chocolate masterpieces will make all your senses ‘fall in love’. Light refreshments and chocolate will be served, and don’t forget these ‘one of a kind’ gift bags that will captivate the events ambience. Cameras will flash non stop as Sid Chidiac’s ‘Don’t lick, Just look’ presence and mysteries are displayed through his art.

Sid Chidiac also known as ‘The Chocolate Painter’ ( has had his work seen all over the globe with over 850 world wide interviews. His unfathomable creativity in oil and chocolate painting has landed him a mark as a celebrity in the art world and has captivated millions.

Women (and men if they so desire) can be first in line to be painted with deep smooth chocolate sponsored by Barry Callebaut starting
at $200 and if you want to stand in line for while and mix and mingle, you can have a turn to be 150-250 in line for around $50. For those looking to participate but are a little less voyeurs’, come and enjoy being splashed with chocolate In a clean, light hearted- ‘clothed’ kind of way.

To purchase tickets go to or contact Celebrity Event Planner Veronica Lee Anne at or 646-467-4406.


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