TEA PARTY MUSIC pres Tamara Wellons-Broken Wings

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TEA PARTY MUSIC pres Tamara Wellons-Broken Wings

Post by Robbi on Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:32 pm

click here to listen/buy Anto Vitale feat Tamara Wellons-Broken Wings

Long awaited follow-up to the international hit

Both mixes are really nice but the Tea Party mix is smokin. Nice work. Will rock! - Alix Alvarez

If it's broke...Ian Friday can fix it! Broken dreams...Broken Wings. Ain't nothing Broken about this track! I love it! - DJ Oji

Anto Vitale, Tamara Wellons and Ian Friday, what would you expect? The essence
of Global Soul! This is at the top of the playlist for many months to come. - Carlos Mena

Dude your Tea Party Vocal Mix is crazy dope.....mad hypnotic, will def be rockin' this for awhile..Thanks bro..pure dopeness. Mr. V(Sole Channel)

been waitin for this one to drop for long time, but its still as fresh as first time i heard it.
dope beats, great song & perfect production !!!!
tamara's voice is unique & beautiful, and match perfectly with that very special tea party /libation vibe.
great vocals are rare these days,so don't sleep on this one..
sounds already like a future dance culture anthem !!! Greg Gaulthier

Tamara Wellons sings her heart out on the long awaited broken wings. Beautifully produced by Anto vitale with a groovin remix by Tea Parties own Ian Friday. Sure to be a dancefloor stomper on the Global Soul scene. Jihad Muhhammad

I absolutely love Broken Wings, all versions, also John Beltrans...great track...
Rainer Trueby


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