Brazen T-Shirt Says, “I Voted For The Black Half”

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Brazen T-Shirt Says, “I Voted For The Black Half”

Post by blackhalf on Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:46 pm

Our ‘I Voted for the Black Half’ t-shirt is a stylish statement reminding us that we, as a people, made the impossible possible. It’s a commentary on how America sees Obama — an outlet to raise questions, galvanize change, and focus on what we feel is positive. These exclusive shirts are designed to be a pleasure to wear and are printed on ultra premium Tees including American Apparel. A portion of the profits will benefit the Children’s Health Fund. is a snapshot of history being made today and the start of a beautiful transition for America. With a perspective of positive optimism and cautious endorsement of “change,” the site contains regular blog posts on provocative topics in the present socio-cultural climate.

More than a mere fashion statement, the shirt is grounded in a profound new message about American life in the midst of a different kind of presidency. It is constructively controversial, spurring productive and intelligent debate and discussion.


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