sound healing meditation music

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sound healing meditation music

Post by 72meditations on Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:24 am

the human drama .The attack of emotions that bombard us everyday.We
worry we are afraid we feel helpless.All of this is illusion.People
have set up right and wrong . There is no such thing as good or bad .
Everyone is GOD. We know all the answers are inside each of us . All
the spirit from all things . Reality equals life. Is that in fact the
truth . When we only see %1 of reality and 10% of our brains yet our
souls are unbounded.
These sounds ,these Aramaic 72 letter codes help us to turn on our
self healing , abundance , our certainty .Just like calling your friend
on the phone .You Dial his or her # .This works in a similar way .
We are here to be creators. To infiltrate space with ideas.To make
something of this life.quantum physics is physics of possibilities the
only possible answer consciousness is the ground of all being. Beyond
our wildest dreams.No judgment without hate without testing without
anything that we simply are. To pull out of chaos and hold it in its
form .
sound healing has been used since the beginning of time. Today we
have technology that is giving us the ability to dissolve depression
with sound beams.
Using computer technology we have decoded the 72 Aramaic names of god into beautiful music and melodies.
These sounds help us to connect to the power of soul mate energy,healing,certainty,overcoming addictions,happiness and many other positive forces . We welcome you to visit our website to learn more.
We offer wonderful meditation cds that will ignite your higher self .

much light,


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