Tantric Man-Tantric Woman: Celebrating Your True Essence

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Tantric Man-Tantric Woman: Celebrating Your True Essence

Post by energyofbreath on Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:39 pm

Tantric Man - Tantric Woman : Celebrating Your True Essence

An Evening of Awareness, Meditation, and Live Tribal Drums Dance Celebration
With Energy of Breath Institutes's Rohi and Giten

When: Saturday, April 12, 7-10:30pm $35
Where: OneTaste 196 Grand Street (Between Mulberry st. & Mott st.) Little Italy, NYC

Open to the raw power you possess when you allow your energy to fully flow!

Meet other juicy men and women from the space of deep, centered connection with the male and female inside yourself, and from a space of sensitivity, self-trust, and innocence.

In this 3.5-hour transformational process, you will experience breathwork, interactive grounding exercises,
releasing resistance, tantric meditation, group sharing, and conclude with a live tribal drumming ecstatic dance celebration.

In the first part of the evening men and women will be in their own groups to clear through gender-based conditionings, and to experience connection and community. Be vulnerable and open with your fellow men and women, beyond imposed identifications. To deeply meet the other, man or woman, you must first
be comfortable in your own skin and you own truth.

In the second part you will come together, men and women, to connect with one another through an expansive and sensual tantric breath meditation. You will see your friends and yourself through new eyes.
The evening will culminate in a high-energy ecstatic tribal dance celebration with live drumming and didgeridoo brought to you
by the Energy Of Breath Drummers Quartet.

This is a clothes-on event, open to everyone.

For More info go to: www.EnergyOfBreath.com


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