KAPA pres Christos Kedras-Going To Prevail

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KAPA pres Christos Kedras-Going To Prevail

Post by Robbi on Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:41 pm

click here to listen/buy Christos Kedras-Going To Prevail

Kapa is proud to deliver a package of Rocking mixes for your winter boxes - live and direct from Christos Kedras.

DJ Reactions

- DJ Reeplee (Souvent Records): I like, will play Raul Campos remix.
- Random Soul (Salted Music, Celebrity Records): nice deep grooves. feeling the EOTL mixes.
- MFSB (indamixworldwide.com): Love the atmosphere of Raul Campos mix sounding like the introduction to a dive into some afterhours intimacy.
- SD (Soul to Unite, SS Radio UK): I really like the textures of Going To Prevail. My favs in the punch are EOTL remixes and Raul Campos remix. Will support them for sure!
- Alf Tumble (Bangana, Sumo): nice deepness
- Jean-Francois Fecteau (radio show Le Vestibule): Almost tribal rhythmic feel, with a thick groovy bass, space ambiance, guitar riffs... I like this!
- DJ Marcia Carr (Playback/pushfm.com/Ladybugz/TSC): Flanged out chords and the funky grooves work well on Raul Campos's remix made for floor-dominating action
- Theo Z (Kapa): Raul does it for me, deep and tech on the edges, takes advantage of the rich rhythm section of the track.
- Frankie Valentine: I like it!

Release Info

Kapa is proud to deliver a package of Rocking mixes for your winter boxes - live and direct from Christos Kedras.

In early 2008, Christos was faced with a difficult decision
He struggled in frustration, torn between his heart, his head, and his fears.
Eventually he realized that there is never an answer to such questions.
There is only the conscious decision to make a certain choice and walk a certain path.

Going to Prevail is about finding the power to make such groundless decisions.
It is about finding the inner strength to choose hope over despair.
The track's driving rock edge reflects the accumulated energy of the initial frustration.
Its power also becomes a source of courage and determination.
The track works as a catalyst, transforming the powerful energy of anger into hope.

A bunch of talented remixers have given the track a new spin.

KCRW's Raul Campos gives us his darkness prevails remix.
Raul builds on the original's gloomy textures and creates
a very current deep & dark dance floor stomper.

EOTL serve up a slice of sublime deepness
revolving around the optimism of the melody's main key.
It is further augment with vocal snippets in their properly named hope mix.

Tiago D'Errico the guitarist on the piece gives us a Rocking Radio Mix,
with a clear Pop/Rock focus, rich textures and full vocals.



Music & Lyrics by Christos Kedras
Produced by Christos Kedras & Marconi de Morais
Drum programming by Christos Kedras
Bass by Christos Kedras & Marconi de Morais
Guitar by Tiago D’Errico
Keys & Synths by Marconi de Morais
Vocals by Shox Hincks
Executive Production by Martin East
© & (p) Kapa Music (BMI: KPMP)

Raul Campos darkness prevails remix
Remix & additional production by Raul Campos, Jesse Brooks, and Ken Rangkuty

EOTL hope mix & blank canvas dub
Remix and additional production from EOTL

Tiago D'Errico radio mix
Remix & Additional Production by Tiago D'Errico
Mixed & Mastered at Cia de Arte Studios in Los Angeles



what is to do
when my desires are torn between me and you
what can I say
if my love is strong yet I still want to run away

I try to leave
but I feel the sadness that you fight to conceal
I try to stay
but my anger & sorrow simply won't go away

I want to try
but I've done my best and my might is now dry
I want to trust
but I fear you are not going to help the joy last

this isn't my fault
then why am I trying to right the wrong
I need to move on
but something inside just keeps me hanging on

where can I hide
the feelings that I fail to leave behind
to empty my heart
create the room for something new to start

I need to be strong
despite the sense that my decision is wrong
I need to have faith
believe that love is going to prevail

[ believe that love is going to prevail ]

come take my hand
erase the scars that I could never mend
help me go on
lead me to paths I am afraid to walk alone

stand by my side
propel me from the darkness into the light
help lift the veil
believe that love is going to prevail

[ believe just believe that love is going to prevail ]



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