In The Know Seminars - *How To Put Out Your Own CD* Saturday, December 13, 2008 2pm (EST) WORLDWIDE

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In The Know Seminars - *How To Put Out Your Own CD* Saturday, December 13, 2008 2pm (EST) WORLDWIDE

Post by PhillyParty on Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:10 pm

Below is information regarding the next 4 webinars that will be presented
online. Visit and view the video if you
don't understand the concept. If you are looking for a cost effective
way to get information on the music industry in a conducive environment
to LEARN, then In The Know Seminars is for you. See below. If you have
any questions, feel free to contact KE at or

12/13/08 - "How To Put Out Your Own CD" http://www. regonline. com/builder/site/Default. aspx?eventid=670780
This month features a DISCOUNT registration. Visit
Details: With the success of major recording artists on the decline, it
makes sense to do-it-yourself. We will discuss how to put out your own
CD and reap $8 a CD, as opposed to being signed to a label that makes
the lion's share of the money. We will discuss how to start and fund
your label, how to market and promote your music, and how to attract a
reputable distributor to your project.

1/17/09 - "Choosing A Manager & Assembling Your Team" http://www. regonline. com/builder/site/Default. aspx?eventid=673855
Details: We will discuss the importance of assembling a strong team in order to propel the artist's career forward.
does an artist choose the key people on his or her team: a manager,
lawyer, accountant, booking agent, and publicist? When should an artist
hire a manager? How do they choose one? What qualities should they look
for in a manager? How and when should an artist assemble the rest of
the team? What will it cost? How do they get paid?

2/21/09 - "Making Money With Your Music" http://www. regonline. com/builder/site/Default. aspx?eventid=681752
Details: A discussion of the many ways artists can get paid with their
art form: TV, film, video games, digital downloads, ringtones, selling
CDs, mixed tapes, mixed DVDs, endorsement deals, touring, selling
beats, starting a label and putting on other artists, film scoring,
royalties (performance, sales, synch fees, mechanicals), etc.

3/14/09 - "So You Want To Be A Producer" http://www. regonline. com/builder/site/Default. aspx?eventid=681754
Details: Making money as a producer, selling tracks, collecting
royalties, keeping your ownership and publishing, doing work on spec,
indie vs major projects, how to build a lasting career, contracts and
paperwork, production deals, etc. We will have some of the top
producers in the music industry and their managers available to discuss
all aspects important to a producer's career.

How did you hear about it? Click Why PR and Marketing


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