No turn down health plan info

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No turn down health plan info

Post by completehealth on Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:33 pm

Hello everyone

I wanted to let you all know about this opportunity. Please tell your friends and family too.

Many people today are having trouble with health care, many can't afford health insurance or have a health conditions that prevents them from getting a plan.

This is a website that offers everyone the chance to get a health plan and you don't have to 'qualify' to get one. All health conditions are accepted and everyone in the home is covered on the plan even boy "friends". Plans are extremely affordable and starting at $69 a month, you can upgrade your plan and get major medical and never pay more than $273 a month.

These plans have insurance that is "A" rated by "AMs best" and come with 30+ non-health related benefits that will save you hundreds every month. (Like roadside assistance-50% off rental cars-50% off fine dinning out 50% off Hotels and more)

This is a must have product please tell your family and everyone you know, everyone I know needs one of these health plans and they are getting one.

This is NOT a discount plan.




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