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Post by Y.U.M! Girl Less on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:21 pm is Heating up the Description – is THE portal for women to "dish" on what features they think make a man ULTIMATE! Authors of Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique have prepared an online presence that is sure to entertain women from all walks of life.
Revealing What Makes Men ULTIMATE!

Chesterfield, MI, November 3/ – Women everywhere can rejoice, as has just hit the Internet and promises to heat things up! Reveling in everything MALE, this new Web site publicizes the release of the hottest new book, Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique. But hold the phone, this URL is so much more than a clever collection of "JUICY" details about what women think of men (that's the book's job). serves up the "eye candy" women everywhere crave, making it a mandatory bookmarked site!

Any woman with an ISP can virtually meet the "silly little freaks" (authors), Less and Jill (a.k.a. the Y.U.M! Girls), as well as take a sneak peek at the book that started it all. A must read…the Ah…They Like Us area is a collection of reviews that will convince you to grab a copy of their witty bedside table book and prepare to be entertained. The Y.U.M! Cast goes one step further, capturing women on video who weren't afraid to go on record (and film) to divulge what they thought about the male anatomy.

It's time for all women to be heard, and is making that all possible. Willing participants can weigh in through the Y.U.M! Poll, answering the question of the month, or complete the Survey that started it all (still anonymous for those not willing to go on record). However, for women who choose to become Y.U.M! bodies groupies, the Forum will prove to be THE place to strike up a dialogue about all things MALE or post an upcoming event.

Just when you thought had it all covered, you'll be pleasantly stunned by the delightfully crafted Gallery of photos. Hot off the press, this electronic album features a plethora of celebrity studs whose masculine features are unquestionably deemed ULTIMATE! The Y.U.M! Girls have even gone as far as to group these craved-after beings by profession (e.g., sport figures, actors and singers) so you can quickly and easily locate your object of desire. And if you can't seem to find what you're looking for, give the Y.U.M! Girls a shout through the Forum to let them know who should be added. is not a one-stop site! Keep tabs on the Y.U.M! Girls because you'll never guess what's next…

Y.U.M! Girl Less

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