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FREE Online Music Business & Resource Directory

Post by dussrodg on Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:23 pm

The team at has been working on a project that I'm certain will
Strike a chord in the hearts of independent musicians
everywhere. I mean if it
gets found out by other music services who charge for this stuff... We're in big trouble! Twisted Evil

The testing phase has just been completed and we are now into the production
launch mode.

What am I talking about? Well for anyone who's been on the lookout for a
listing of clubs, lawyers, managers, radio stations, blogs, music
reviewers, places you can upload your music and just about anywhere
that you can promote your music for free...
we've created one for you.

And the kicker is that it's absolutely FREE! Wink

Yes, we've seen the directories out there that charge you for
A Service that we Believe Should be Available to Everyone FREE

Well, not totally free, ONLY what YOU feel it's worth!
See, the site we've just put together is operated on the premise that,
YOU the artist, will donate whatever you feel is appropriate for the
value of the content you receive.

We like to call it the "Open Source Model of The Indie Music Biz".
If you feel the value is worth it, then hey, help us out and fire off a
$5 donation. If not... then don't. Either way we're committed to
providing our music friends with as comprehensive a music directory as
is humanly possible for no cost. YUP! Absolutely FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out! I dare ya...

You can find it at
If you're too impatient to read through all of the promotional copy,
just click on the "I'm In A Hurry" link at the top and enter your
details to get your coupon code for instant access.

You still here? What are ya waitin' for?

Get on over there already... Geez! cheers

Looking to get your music reviewed or just want to find some cool
independent music?
Then check out and come get your fill.

To your music success,

Duss Rodgers.


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