Guys Only Seminar: Fearlessly Approach The Women You Find Attractive

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Guys Only Seminar: Fearlessly Approach The Women You Find Attractive

Post by NYCBNG on Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:53 pm

Guys Only
Seminar: Fearlessly Approach The Women You Find

Have you ever wondered what
its like to be the guy at a party who has all the women around him laughing and
having great time? What does he do, that sets him apart? Would you want to know
how can you become, a guy whom women chase.
Join a
group of guys from Real Live People Party to learn how to meet the women you
want to meet. This seminar will double your dating abilities with insider
techniques to help boost your confidence while trying to meet that someone
special. This 90 minute class with time for Q & A will help sharpen your
game and help you meet the women you want to meet.

WHEN: Monday, November 17, 2008 at
7:30 PM
WHERE: Midtown Location: Address Sent
Before Event
WHY: To Ramp Up Your Game
& Double Your Dating Abilities
COST: $49.99

During This Class You
Will Learn:

* How to be the guy
that women want at any social event
* What to do at a parties, to get
women interested in you, without buying them drinks
* Image and style
tips on how to dress when you go out
* How to select places that will
get you the most numbers and dates
* How to meet and socialize with
women at social functions, job parties, house parties, clubs, bars
Speed Dating Do's and Dont's that every man should know
* Ample time
for Q & A about your personal dating questions

For More Information on the
Instructor Please Check Our Website


"In one hour i learned more about dating then in 10 years of
dating. Amazing experience." -- Jake M, New York

"This should be a college course on
dating, and Art should be the head of the board. Wealth of knowledge that Art
brings to the table is simply astonishing. If you haven't listened to Art, you
very likely losing out on your potential in meeting as well as dating success."
-- Alberto K, New Jersey


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