Soulgasm NYC-It's our 3rd Anniversary!! 11/12

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Soulgasm NYC-It's our 3rd Anniversary!! 11/12

Post by REDNESS on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:34 pm

On Wednesday, November 12th Soulgasm NYC will
celebrate it's 3rd year as a weekly underground dance party. In these 3 years,
we have hosted over 150 guest DJs in the Soulgasm Lounge while resident, 'The
Wizard' DJ Brian Coxx has continued to bring you the best in Deep House, Funk,
Soul & much more on the main floor. The combination of passionate dancers,
artist and music lovers along with local and international visitors each week
have made this into much more than just another party. (This is also the 1st
Anniversary of our spin-off party in Honolulu, Soulgasm, Hawaii)
We invite you all to join us and help us celebrate this
special event with your weekly host Ejoe n REDness.
We're proud to have accomplished this and plan to continue bringing you
the best party possible every Wednesday night. Guest DJs for this special event
will be Pang-lo, Sabine, Joey Vega aka DJ Serve, Ejoe, Manos & DP1 and as
always door by Kimmie.

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