MUTED TRAX pres Mikee feat.Lugo-Nothing

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MUTED TRAX pres Mikee feat.Lugo-Nothing

Post by Robbi on Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:09 pm

click here to listen/buy Mikee Deep feat. Lugo-Nothing

Ultra-soulful vocals meld with sleek production on this deep, underground floor-filler. Mike Dominico's Dark 'N Lovely Mix is an edgy peak-hour record, while the Chris Bjork Classic Mix delivers that classic house sound.

Written by Mike Dominico & Dominico.
Produced and mixed by Mike Dominico.
Vocals by Lugo, keyboards by Scott Morley.
Dark 'N' Lovely Mix produced and mixed by Mike Dominico.
Classic Mix produced by Chris Bjork, mixed by Shawn Christopher.
Muted Trax, 2008 Muted Trax.

Lugo's ultra-soulful vocals and clever hook meld with the sleek production of Mike Dominico's alter-ego, Mikee Deep on this underground floor-filler, with uplifting ambience, an alluring bass line and deep, groovy vibe. Mike Dominico's Dark 'N Lovely Mix is a beast of an edgy peak-hour record with blistering bass lines, haunting keys, penetrating stabs and wicked percussion, while the chic Chris Bjork Classic Mix is laden with elegant pianos and slick strings providing that classic house sound. Note the dubs, which are as well all choice pieces.


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