SSR presents MARTINO-Crumbling

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SSR presents MARTINO-Crumbling

Post by Robbi on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:32 am

click here to listen/buy Martino-The Crumbling

The third in Soulstream's releases of our producers' instrumental projects, the ever-versatile Martino of 83 West brings us his grittiest, deepest production yet, with Soulstream only too pleased to come along for the envelope-pushing ride.

Following on the heels of his highly-praised Praying For Rain, respected Toronto producer Martino assaults the senses in an exploration of three ideas repeating themselves into the ground over a highly unstable foundation. Violins and pianos lay out a three-chord theme while a relentless synth melody exhausts itself over an increasingly agitated bassline, the entire piece anchored to drums and percussion barely maintaining cohesion.

Final result? The quintessence of raw: no evolution, only erosion. Ideas are distorted; clarity is lost.
Written and produced by Martino Lozej for Mafia Princess Music (SOCAN). Copyright (c) 2008 Soulstream Records.


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