House to Vote: Rally for Change Oct 13 @ Water Taxi Beach

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House to Vote: Rally for Change Oct 13 @ Water Taxi Beach

Post by Reggie on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:36 am

“House The Vote 2008” will engage youth to partake in the political process by incorporating
the entertainment community and youth culture into its activity. From poets to
musicians, artists to dancers, and DJ's, “House the Vote” harnesses
cutting-edge trends and pop culture to make political participation cool.

This Event is specifically addresses voter
apathy and dissolution. “House the Vote” is being done with the intention of
ensuring that young people take advantage of their right to vote. Furthermore,
based on The Melting Pot‘s underground perspective, which includes fresh
important concepts that motivates all types of people with different economical
brackets, that everyone's vote is essential for this country’s progression.

Through this proposed event we hope to cultivate
a strong sense of family and accomplishment concerning our work to the
community and most importantly motivate people to vote as well as to vote and
effect change. We believe that we would be able to draw a very appreciating
audience to this event and at the same time make their visit a memorable one.

Admission is Free, but a $10 donation is
suggested. Portions of the proceeds go to the League of Young Voters.


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