Soulgasm NYC-It's Bugged Out-Wed. 9/24

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Soulgasm NYC-It's Bugged Out-Wed. 9/24

Post by REDNESS on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:38 am

In this loveLy world full of fAncy elecTronics,
non-stop intErnet conNections and

e n d l e S s p h o n e
C o n v E r s a t i o n s

that can even take pLace in an underground train station, We can easily forget how very
vulnerable we still are to nAsty little bugs.

this week there is no Flyer for SoulgasM NYC becaUse one of those little Bugs got
into the comPuter that is used to cREate them and made itvery ill.

On that note ladies and
n, this is a reMInder for yOu. Don't forget to give/take your computer for booster shots and check-ups. Don't forget to keep
its meDicine cabinet full and
up to Date and let's all watch out for
bugs in the "safari" and coMing in the "windows".

This Wednesday, September 24th

bringing you the best of Deep House, Funk & Soul

Soulgasm NYC with your resident


Upstairs in the Soulgasm Lounge, guest DJs Tomoyuki Yasuda & Bun

(Voice of Voice)

Hosted by EJOE n RED

free b4 11pm / $5 after

Sin Sin 85 2nd Avenue (cnr of 5th St.)

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