KAPA pres SOME PEOPLE(incl.Ralf Gum+Demarkus Lewis rmxs)

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KAPA pres SOME PEOPLE(incl.Ralf Gum+Demarkus Lewis rmxs)

Post by Robbi on Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:10 pm

here to listen/buy MARTIN EAST PROJECT & EMAN feat. CHARLIE
CHARLES-SOME PEOPLE(incl Ralf Gum & Demarkus Lewis Mixes)

NY Legend E-Man and Martin East team up for this Afro Monster

Martin East teams up with NY legend E-Man and South African chanteuse
Charlie Charles for the new Kapa release Some People. With mixes by the
uber hot Ralf Gum, the always on point Demarkus Lewis and EOTL and
Simeon Belle, Kapa deliver a strong and deep package of real house

Getting charted and played all over

Enjoy we are proud of this one.

DJ Reactions

- DJ Rork Radio FG France: Good package. This song was something
special. A must! I am addict! Favourites mixes: Original: 9/10 Ralf Gum
Mixes: 7/10 Demarkus Lewis: 8/10

- Charles Spencer (Loveslap): Loving the Ralf Gum mix... he's got a great sound

- Mason Rothert / Below Zero Beats / Xm Radio USA: Going to have to
support my man Demarkus Lewis on this one, all of them are solid but
for me he hit it on the head. Nice groove, keeps the spoken word strong
and leaves a little dirt in the dance. Also feeling the Big Room mix
when its time to bring up the house! Nice one.

- Jihad Muhamaad: I like this Martin East Project...Ralf Gum's mix

- Hippie: I'm diggin the Ralf Gum mixes and E-mans Accapella. Cool spoken verses by E-man

- Phil Asher (restless soul): I do like the Ralf Gum dub, I'm of to Ibiza this Sunday, I'll test it out there.

- Andre Harris: I love the Ralf gum remix that's fire right there i will be playing it for sure..

- Pablo Martinez: Ralfs mix for me.. nice!

- Marky, Passion FM London & ssradiouk: gum's spoken dub and demarkus do it for me, big up.

- Mike Stukes Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM: The TOTAL package. What dance should sound like. 9/10

- Graham Sahara Pacha / Bargrooves: Really like this track. I think
Demarkus Lewis hits the spot with his remix. It has been going down
very well on the floors of Ibiza.

- Jon Cutler: Good Grooves on Ralf Gum mix.

- Charles Spencer (Loveslap): Loving the Ralf Gum mix... he's got a great sound

- Fabio Genito:L Simeone Belle Deep Heart Mix is something interesting...

- Aaron Dae: E-Man drops the knowledge and Ralf Gum (Dub), Demarkus
Lewis, Simeon, EOTL come correct with some stellar mixes!!!!!! Very
well rounded package here. I can see myself playing multiple versions
of this throughout the night.


Written by Martin East and Eric E-Man Clark

Words and Lyrics by E-Man

Additional lyrics by Charlie Charles

Beats and Synths by Martin East

Additional Production by Marconi de Morais and Jake Devere

Executive Production by Martin East

Special thanks to Mike Sarkus of Single Malt Syndicate

& (p) 2008 Kapa Music (BMI: KPMP)



Ralf Gum GOGO main mix & spoken dub

Remix and additional production by Ralf GUM and Michael Nivalito

Ehnes for www.GOGO-Music.net

Drum programming and percussion by Ralf GUM and Fender Rhodes

Keyboards and bass by Michael Nivalito Ehnes

Guitar by Pierre Wrobbel.

Mixed by Ralf GUM.

Demarkus Lewis remix

Remix and additional production by Demarkus Lewis

Simeon Belle deep heart remix

Remix and additional production by Simeon Belle

EOTL little big room remix

Remix and additional production by EOTL

watch out for the coming album by EOTL in the fall


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