Unique "Playtime Funshop"- Day Camp for Grown-ups- Get Naturally High

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Unique "Playtime Funshop"- Day Camp for Grown-ups- Get Naturally High

Post by acidophulus on Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:10 pm

Go to laff-a-rama.com and get on mailing list for fun events.In just 2 hours experience what every 5 year old knows. How to play, live in the moment and have outrageous fun.It's time to shed responsibility and let your hair down. "Playtime" is the place for you to be free, joyous, and fully expressed ( all without the use of drugs or alcohol .Save money and get naturally high)
No Experience of any kind necessary.
Simple warm-up based on dance, mime and yoga. Fun & simple improvisational theatre & childhood games. Fun movement games. Non-intimidating. Lots of laughter.
(Similar improv games like the tv shows "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and "Thank God You're Here")
Come play with us. Meet fun people.
"If man always insisted on being serious and never allowed himself of fun and relaxation he would go mad and become unstable without knowing it" (Herodotus 425 BC) (This man was definitely ahead of his time)
Benefits May Include
learning to trust your impulses
jumpstarting creativity
overcoming shyness
releasing endorphins
www.laff-a-rama.com laffalot5@juno.com


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