Meet Now NYC's Ultimate Mobile Party Radar!

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Meet Now NYC's Ultimate Mobile Party Radar!

Post by mdavis2678 on Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:46 pm

Meet Now Live is NYC's ultimate mobile party radar that lets you see where all of your friends are partying in real-time! MNL, for short, is a real-time, location-based social network for your mobile phone that allows you to see where the party is, right now!

Want to know which bars have the hottest guys tonight? Which bars are crowded or empty, right now? Whip out your phone, hit MNL and see for yourself, instantly...all in the palm of your hand!

MNL allows you to see real pictures of real people partying right now at over 2,000 bars, clubs and lounges in the New York Metro area. No more texting 30 of your friends to see where they are on a Saturday night or to see how the scene is.

Register on your mobile phone, upload pictures, view user profiles, make friends, find bars and clubs by neighborhood or, best of all, see where people are partying, LIVE!

WORKS ON ANY MOBILE PHONE Click and register now!


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