2 easy to promote affiliate programs

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2 easy to promote affiliate programs

Post by 10dollarphonecards.com on Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:34 am

Whether you are an experienced telecom salesperson or you are looking
for the part-time second income, Commission River is the perfect
opportunity for you. All you need to begin is a computer with Internet
access. This opportunity is open to anyone and it works from any
country in the world. With no investment required and a lot of free
stuff that comes with it, we hope you will find it valuable.

About Commission River
Commission River, formerly Cognigen Networks, is an investor-owned,
publicly traded company. We are an Internet-enabled sales community
that facilitates the introduction of customers to suppliers. While
some think it impossible to be all things to all people, Commission
River has become the low-cost provider to customers, the high-tech
deliverer of services for vendors, and the user-friendly facilitator
for agents.

What is affiliate marketing?
A merchant, also known as an advertiser or retailer, is a web site or
company that sells a product or service online, accepts payments and
fulfills orders.

Affiliates (also called publishers) place merchants' ads, text links,
or product links on their web sites, shopping engines, blogs, etc. or
include them in e-mail campaigns and search listings in exchange for
commissions on leads or sales.

Affiliates and merchants choose Commission River because of our
reliable and accurate tracking technology and unpresidented online
marketing tools developed by the pioneers in the industry...

Main Features
Rewarding compensation plan
Free personal website
Free marketing tools
Online reporting
No cost to join
Free live training
Advanced lookup online tools
Live friendly support

"I joined Commission River thinking it could be a secondary income
source, but I quickly realized that this is far better then any other
job I've had in the past. Today I make a six-figure icome and I
couldn't be happier..."

Desmond Schwartz, Redmond WA

"To say that being a single parent today is hard, is an
understatement. Commission River residual program helps me make enough
to cover all my extra expenses with a minimum time invested.

Angela Summers, Atlanta GA

Sign up here: http://commissionriver.com/publisher_signup.html?cogid=get1phone4u

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Why Join the SpeedyPin Affiliate Program?
FREE to Join!
Sales & commission tracking via database
(superior to cookie-based tracking)
Commissions paid correctly and quickly
10% commission on new sales
10% recurring sales commission
2% recurring sales commission on sub-affiliate sales
Additional volume bonuses available*
SpeedyPin Affiliates earn more
We're an industry leader
No inventory to purchase
We handle order fulfillment and customer service
Ongoing sales, promotions and contests
Hi-conversion website and advertising tools

How do I get started?
Complete and submit the affiliate profile form.
Upon review and acceptance, you will receive an email containing your
unique Affiliate ID and Affiliate URL.
Please review and use the links provided in the acceptance email to
familiarize yourself with the program.

How do I promote my affiliate website?
First and foremost, we want our affiliates to be the most successful
online. We have years of experience in all facets of Internet
Marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine
Marketing (SEM). Yes, we'll even help you to learn how to optimize
your website! Know that we're here and available to help answer your

Online Promotion Techniques
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click is a method of advertising where an advertiser (you)
agrees to pay a set amount of money for each click someone makes on a
link leading to your web site. While there are many PPC opportunities,
consider testing Overture and/or Google Adwords.

Email Marketing
Email marketing can be one of the very best ways to get your message
out. Many affiliates add a link to their affiliate website at the
bottom of their outgoing email to family, friends and business
colleagues. We require our affiliates to read and adhere to the Can
Spam Act of 2003 if advertising through email. To help, we've created
an opt-out tool that will remove opt-outs from your email lists
(available in the Affiliate Control Panel).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The most effective and cost efficient way to create sales online is
through Search engine optimization. Our most successful affiliates are
those who are "optimized." Optimized includes having your own domain
name and website. We'll carefully explain to you how to become
"optimized" and add your affiliate website to your own website.

Banner Ads, Text Ads, Rate Finders and More
Log in to the Affiliate Control Panel for a variety of banner ads,
text ads, rate finders and content to add to your website. It's as
easy as cut and paste.

Offline Promotion Techniques
There are many, many ways to promote your website offline - just be
creative! Here are just a couple of ideas to help get your creative
juices flowing.

Add your affiliate link or domain name to your business card and
letter head.
Mention your affiliation to friends, family, business colleagues, at
club meeting or even religious gatherings.
Recruit people to become affiliates under you and let them help spread
the word.
Purchase advertising in local or national newspapers, periodicals and

What is the commission schedule?
Our commission schedule is simple and rewards affiliates for their
continued efforts, not just for the first sale. We offer recurring
commissions and we do not cap your earning potential.

Tier 1:

Phone Cards: (your sales) - 10% recurring commission *
Mobile Products/Services: All mobile phones, mobile phone PINs, and
airtime recharges, paid at a lesser commission rate of 1%
Tier 2:

Phone Cards: (sub-affiliate sales) - 2% recurring *
Mobile Products/Services: Not eligible for commissions on mobile
phones, mobile phone PINs, and airtime recharges

October 2008
Tier Sales Commission Total
Your Sales $5,000.00 10% $700.00
Sub-affiliate 1 $2,000.00 2% $140.00
Sub-affiliate 2 $4,000.00 2% $280.00
Your Commission $1,120.00

Sign up at: http://speedypin.com/?aff=11075 and click on Affiliate
Program at the bottom of the page.


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