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It's so sexy! It's so much fun! Make money! So many things are FREE! Shocked

For Your Pleasure is the premier adult party company with more hostess rewards and consultand rewards, commissions, bonuses, etc! What was that? Yes! I said MORE! Very Happy

For Your Pleasure parties are FREE to host! You get so much FREE and deeply discounted items as a hostess!
* 10% of retail sales!
* Bonus spending!
* Hostess exclusive items!
* Monthly hostess specials!
* Purchasing customer rewards!
* Booking rewards!

Smaller kits are FREE* in April! Medium and largest kits are 75% OFF! WOW! This has never been seen before! Don't miss this opportunity! Don't have time right now for the party business, but want to do it soon? Just get your kits, qualify, and then you're only charged $10 a month for cc processing and don't have to do or pay anything else until you're ready to work the business! $10 a month is all you EVER have to pay! Meaning, there are no crazy party fees or processing fees or anything like that. Commissions are 100% YOURS! Hostess rewards are COMPANY PAID!

Here's more perks:

* No mandatory downline!
* No quotas to stay acitve!
* No merchant account needed!
* No tax ID needed!
* Monthly sales bonuses!
* Management bonuses!
* No stocking inventory!
* No reshipping orders!
* No party minimums!
* Option to have a replicated website, your own, or BOTH!
* Over 1,300 products to offer/choose from!


Check out my site for all the information:


DON'T MISS OUT ON THE APRIL SIGN ON SPECIAL! If you've ever been interested in partying for a living with the best, now is the time! We may never see this special again!

Contact me NOW for more information!

Chris Bowen, IBA
For Your Pleasure, Inc.

* shipping for kit and application fee must be prepaid with a credit/debit card

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