Touching Africa EP - Gentle Fred

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Touching Africa EP - Gentle Fred

Post by Robbi on Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:04 am

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Gentle Fred
Touching Africa EP

Written, Produced, Performed, and Arranged by Gentle Fred
Mixed Downs by Dj Spen
Sean Spencer & Thommy Davis Executive Producers
1.Gentle Fred “When We See Africa”
2.Gentle Fred “When We See Africa” DJ Spen AKA SP3N REMIX
3.Gentle Fred “Tympani”
4.Gentle Fred “Touch Me”
5.Gentle Fred “Touch Me“ DJ Spen Gentle Touch Re Edit
6.Gentle Fred “Sisco”

Unquantize is thrilled to present Gentle Fred's “Touching Africa EP”. This release is jammed packed with killer tracks that will incite your dance floor to a rhythmic fervor! From Belgium, Gentle Fred is on the fast track of being on the cutting edge of the house sound around the world. Each track on this incredible EP shows his flair for soulful, deep house and his creative knack for hitting the mark. “When We See Africa”- Gentle Fred will mesmerize you with this percussive, rhythmic meltdown. It is filled with sax riffs, moody organs, and a bass line that is thumping in a innovative production. When We See Africa” DJ Spen aka SP3N REMIX- DJ Spen puts the treatment on with the flair you know him for. He winds the groove to a captivating funky tempo and presents a different perspective on this great track. “Tympani”- Get ready to set things ablaze! Gentle Fred burns it down with this peak energy delight that will get your crowd going through the summer! “Touch Me”- GF is hitting you with everything on this release and you it all on this fiery gem. It is crammed pack with hooks, incredible house orchestration, and arrangement that culminate into a house music orgasm. “Touch Me” DJ Spen AKA SP3N edit- This track is already a monster track in itself and DJ Spen delivers an energetic, yet straight forward treatment for you mix enthusiast. As an addition to Gentle Fred’s sizzling mix, this version takes this song to an even more epic place! “Sisco”- This great track pulsates and flows with killing bass lines, percolating drums, and keyboard bravado that is built

Andrew Heartly "AFROTASTIC! Thanks man!!! Smile"
C J Mackintosh "When We See Africa Original mix is working and Tympani too Smile"
Candice McKenzie "Absolutely love Tympani and Sisco!! Thank you so much unquantize!! Dice x"
David Anthony "Grooving Love it"
Davide Fiorese "FRESH!!!"
Deli G "Kool Release"
Demarkus Lewis "Touch me ALL DAY ... Both the OG and Spen's GT edit are very berry nice!"
DJ Biskit "Nice Package. Digging Touch Me."
Dj Chocolate Brown from RiskSoundSystem "Dope, thanks"
Dj Damond Ramsey "Good vibes here."
Dj Diephuis "Nice Saxy Vibes!"
DJ Oji "Good variety of tracks."
DJ Sir Charles Dixon "will support"
DJ David Harness "Some Good Stuff!!!"
Donna Edwards "When We See Africa...Deep in all about the BEATS!!!!!"
Evan (More House Records) "Cool EP. Lots of goodies to choose from."
Gianni Junior "WHAT A PACKAGE!"
Groove Assassin "This is Hott plenta mixes to choose from....great pack!"
Groove CarteLL "Got our support, Touch me, Spen's Touch does the trick"
Hippie Torrales "Real nice groove."
Jerome Hicks "support"
Just Mo "Dope, thanks for package."
Kenny Carpenter "Tympani is my favorite track here, I love that Latin feel!"
Louis Benedetti "In the box. Thanks!"
Mannix "Tocu Me is amazing"
Mind Street "Groovy, Perfect for the Dancefloor, Love it!!!"
N'Dinga Gaba "Great package!"
Parrish Wintersmith "gotta roll with Touch Me (Dj Spen's Gentle Touch Re Edit). it hits my spot straight out of the box!"
Richard Earnshaw "Spens version topping the pile for me"
Robert Owens "Great track"
Russell Pollitt "Groove's a plenty on here... strong stuff!"
Sahib Muhammad "WE SEE AFRICA!!!! Yes we do! love it"
Souldynamic "Nice package fellas with good funky house touches and some afro elements!"
Tony Bones "Good release, Touch Me (Original Mix) my fav but all will be getting played"
Ultra Nate' "Hot! Digging the "Touch Me" Spen edit"

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